Thursday, April 10, 2014

Flow Diversion Valve

Waukesha Cherry Burrel Diversion Valve
Flow Diversion Valve: It is a valve to divert flow in the fluid line. It works on the signal coming from the temperature sensor/Transducer to divert the flow of the fluid. The Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Flow diversion valve is excellent in operational use in the factory. The dairy firms uses this kind of valve to divert the flow of the fluid before the pasteurizer line. The Pasteurizer need above 90 degree Celsius temperature, if the temperature of the fluid is less than 90 degree then the temperature transducer gives signal to the diversion valve and then the diversion valve divert the fluid to the Balance Tank. In the other hand if the temperature is above 90 degree Celsius then the diversion valve is operates to the forward direction .


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Samson Single acting steam flow control Positioner

Single-acting positioners for attachment to pneumatic control valves. These positioners use an electric input signal from 0/4to 20 mA or 1 to 5 mA (Type 4763) or a pneumatic input signal from 0.2 to 1 bar (3 to 15 psi) (Type 4765)

Positioner Attachment     

Tuesday, April 1, 2014



Valve Definition: Which regulates the flow of substances (Fluid, Gas) by opening, closing or partially open or close by obstructing.
Major Parts of valve are as follows:
Body, Ports, Discs, Spring, Seat, Stem, Bonnet etc
Body: It is the main part of valves. The substances pass through Body. It is the casing which holds the fluid going inside it. It is made of different metals or plastics.
Ports: The openings, it might be two or more.
Discs: The object which resist or flow the fluid. The shape differs accordingly the types of valve.
Seat: which is used for seal tight between inside and outside.
Stem: It is a rod inside and outside of the valve which transmitting the motion to control the inside disc or rotors..
Bonnet:  It is the cover of the valve.