Monday, March 24, 2014

Steam Flow Control Valve

Steam Flow Control Valve

In Industry steam flow needs to be controlled. To control the steam maintenance people use Steam Flow Control Valve. These valve controls the flow of the steam on demand basis in the machine/Process. Controlling of this valves are done normally electrically or pneumatically. Positioner/ Actuator are used for control the flow. The positioner/Actuator are fitted with the valves. Generally for flow control glove valve is used. The actuator respond to the signal by temperature gauges or flow meters. These Steam flow control valves are also named as Automatic Control valve as it is operated through electrically/Pneumatically. Food Processing plant, Dairy foods, refineries, chemical plants, Tobacco Green leaf processing plant are the users of steam flow control valve.
Some Typical application of Steam flow control valve are as follows:
> Fluid Heat Exchangers
> Sterilizer
> Humidifier
> Steam fired Absorption Chiller
> CIP (Cleaning In Place)
 There are some good companies who have manufacturing steam flow control valve such as Honeywell, SpiraxSarco, Siemens, Coulton, Flow stream, ARI valves, steriflow, Flow serve corporation,  etc


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